Our Resourcing team’s goal is to deploy our goodwill in workplace network & avail it as your first point of contact with the Hiring Manager or Recruiter; it is an essential instrument for creating that much desired positive first impression. Called “thin slicing” by scientists, the power of the first impression is recognized universally – In 100 milliseconds or less we draw conclusions on at least seven key attributes of an individual and then refuse to discard these opinions even when proven wrong. With your CV, this is even more crucial as it could be that one chance to get your foot in the door; and you usually don’t get a second chance to change these lasting first impressions.

At P.H.L.-Resourcing, our purpose is to radically improve your chances of successfully getting past the application stage to the interview phase of the hiring process. We want you to get that opportunity to demonstrate your well honed abilities to the hiring manager or recruiter directly. We want you to win at this. This is why we will craft your CV/Resume and cover letter to strategically market you for your desired career objectives. For every job position we will rework your Cover Letter into an engaging and highly competitive self-selling tool, increasing your chances of getting hired by at least 50%.

So why choose us for your professional CV?

  • We take the time to get to know you and understand your aspirations
  • No generic templates are used – we pride ourselves on being authentic
  • Unlimited revisions until you are 100% happy with the document
  • Bespoke CVs only crafted for Directors, Non-Executive Directors and Consultants
  • We provide you with advice on how best to utilise your CV



Highlights – Strengths

Strategic Lay-out
Selective Wording
Clear Communications
Promise Added Value
0 – 2 Years of Experience
(N)PRICE: 5,000 3,500


Highlights – Strengths

Strategic Positioning
Career Accomplishments
Career Alignment
Progressive Growth
Highly Developed Skills
3 – 10 Years of Experience
(N)PRICE: 10,000 7,500


Highlights – Strengths

Advanced Competencies
Leadership & Responsibility
Clear Value Proposition
Personal SWOT Evaluation
Over 10 Years of Experience
(N)PRICE: 15,000 12,500

Purchase Procedure:

  • Make Payment either Online (transfer) or through a Bank
  • Send Payment Details (Teller Number) along with current CV and/or Cover Letter via email to: phlcvservice@gmail.com
  • We will respond by sending you a payment confirmation
  • Delivery of your new CV or/and Cover Letter will be within 5 working days of your receiving the payment confirmation.
  • For more enquiries, CONTACT US HERE.


    Thank you very much for painstakingly giving attention to details and performing ‘surgery’ on my CV. I shall share with you good news when the CV starts yielding results. Once again, thank you very much.

    Joshua CHUKWUMA

    Project Manager
    Good day, I am pleased with the CV and cover letter, Thank you, I’m now getting interviews and I look forward to eventually getting engaged, I appreciate.

    Lolu Akinlembola

    Procurement Officer
    The CV I got from P.H.L. Resourcing was professionally done and has helped me in getting good interviews for jobs in Finance/Investment Banking/Consulting.

    Chukwudi Ike

    Finance Manager